Bicyclists across globe pedal in Ride of Silence for safety

Posted May 19, 2017

Stories of injuries and close calls were common among the riders who gathered before the event began.

The Ride of Silence is always held on the third Wednesday in May.

"I have a friend from Elizabeth City, just last week a auto came up behind him and sat there just blowing his horn and shouting obscenities", she said.

Ride of Silence is part of a worldwide effort that brings attention to the dangers cyclists face.

"This is event is actually to remember the people that have been in a bicycle accident, either fatal or (suffered) injuries", JT Cycling Owner Joe Aguilar said.

"It actually surprised me", Morton said.

Each year, the Ride of Silence is held during National Bike Month as a way to remind everyone that cyclists have a legal right to ride on public roadways.

They don't want to take over the road.

Angela Zhu wore all black to the ride as a sign respect for those who lost their lives while cycling.

Booker said the annual ride also aims to stress not only the message that drivers of motor vehicles need to watch for cyclists, but also that cyclists need to watch for cars.