Bernie Sanders, John Kasich Say It's Too Early to Talk Trump Impeachment

Posted May 19, 2017

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., said on CNN on Tuesday that President Donald Trump misunderstands his job in light of his sharing classified intelligence with Russian officials. "I guess I'm going to belabor this", Kasich said, responding with a question about misleading campaign copywriters.

With controversy swirling around the White House, a number of pundits and politicians have started using serious language regarding the future of Donald Trump's presidency.

"Well, you know, sometimes he says things I don't agree with and I think they don't resemble the facts", Kasich said. Rob Portman told me. I take my belief from Warren Buffet, who made an offer to a group of college students, "I will give anyone in the room $100,000 in exchange for 10 percent of your life income".

The Vermont Independent, who rose to prominence seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, has been a big critic of Trump, and he sees this development as a step in the right direction.

Asked more seriously about their political futures, Sanders declined to weigh in on whether he plans to run again in 2020 and criticized the media for looking ahead to the next election.

When Kasich wasn't willing to go as far into speculating Trump's intentions, Sanders asked him directly: "Is Trump a liar?" Bill Maher is well known for his uncompromising criticism of Republicans, and so-called liberal Democrats like the "Bernie of bust" crew who didn't vote a year ago for Hillary Clinton, who beat their hero, Vermont Sen. And then I went to the east.

"I don't think we're there", Kasich answered. "I wasn't going to go to a party where I was going to go and be in a awful mood, where I couldn't say anything good and where I wasn't going to contradict myself". Of course the topic of President Trump came up, especially since hours earlier, The New York Times had dropped the latest bombshell about the president: allegations that he asked the FBI director to drop an investigation into Michael Flynn and, by extension, the Trump campaign. It may not be politics, and it may be.