1 killed in reported Wisconsin tornado; 25 hurt

Posted May 19, 2017

A deadly tornado struck just five States in the Central United States, causing destruction of infrastructure, injury and loss of life.

The Wisconsin tornado was part of a huge swath of the Plains and Upper Midwest threatened with severe weather and followed a turbulent but less violent night of storms in southern Wisconsin on Monday night. Homes and structures were severely damaged as separate EF2 twisters struck a mobile home park in Wisconsin and a subdivision in Oklahoma. Park residents had been notified of the storm and tornado warning via sirens and CodeRed-the county's email, text and call alert system.

There were reports of possible tornadoes in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center said. Authorities said it appears he was fleeing his home when his vehicle was thrown several hundred feet.

Due to the extraordinary weather conditions, the governors of Wisconsin and Oklahoma plan on Wednesday to personally visit the victims of the disaster areas.

Another person died in Elk City, Oklahoma, from a devastating tornado that ripped through the town. Most of his roof is intact, and he lost mainly windows.

Barron (WQOW) - The worst of the damage is centered around the Prairie Lake Estates trailer park on County SS, located between Chetek and Cameron in Barron County.

"If it had been later in the night, it could have been much more tragic just because of where people were at in and around the region", Walker said. "So I crawled underneath the trailer inside and started removing the refrigerator from him checking his vitals - I'm CPR trained -- until the EMTs got there, I think he made it". However, Fire Chaplain Danny Ringer said that one person died because of the twister.

"I thought we were done", Tyson told AP.

At least one person is dead and an estimated 25 others have been injured by a severe storm, including a tornado, that rolled through Barron County late Tuesday afternoon.

In Iowa, the storms damaged homes and other buildings and knocked down trees, limbs and power poles, leaving thousands of people without power. Nolan escaped with just a couple of scratches, he said.

Daily said he walked among the debris and helped free a man who was buried under a refrigerator and debris.

He said every single trailer here is damaged to some degree, and as of Tuesday night, no one is being allowed back in to area. Empty lots are where mobile homes once stood.

The damage was extensive. It reportedly touched down in five states: Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. People who live there tell our sister station WQOW, they are recovering physically and emotionally. Gusts of 85 miles per hour (135 kph) were recorded at the weather service's office in Valley, west of Omaha. Lightning blew siding and bricks off a home in Lincoln and a funnel cloud was spotted about 40 miles (65 kilometers) southwest of the city, near Exeter, but no damage was reported. According to the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs, about 40 trailer homes were destroyed by the tornado. The storm also brought numerous reports of large hail and strong winds.

Tuesday's storms were part of two supercells that formed in the Texas Panhandle before moving to the north and east.

Fitzgerald said local and state officials are calling it a tornado, but that hasn't been confirmed by the National Weather Service, he said. As mentioned previously, the activity Thursday has potential to be very strong and it is promising to be a very active storm chasing day.

Severe weather is expected to continue in the area for the next two days.