Quiz the leaders: Join the audience for May v Corbyn

Posted May 18, 2017

Britain's opposition Labour Party has launched its manifesto in the run-up to the general election, set to take place next month.

The leader of Britain's biggest workers' union has said he couldn't see the opposition Labour Party winning a June 8 parliamentary election, a remarkable statement from one of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's most powerful supporters.

Speaking at the launch of the Labour manifesto at Bradford University before campaigning in Huddersfield and Leeds, Mr Corbyn declined to put a figure on how much extra Government borrowing his plans would involve.

Corbyn promised a Labour government would immediately guarantee the rights of EU citizens in Britain and during Brexit negotiations would aim to maintain access to the European single market.

The respected Institute for Fiscal Studies said it was "uncertain" whether Labour's plan to lower the 45p rate income tax threshold to £80,000 and bring back the 50p tax rate would raise the expected £6.4bn a year and warned "it could also raise nothing".

"You can only fund our National Health Service (NHS), you can only have the funding that we made available in relation to childcare if you've got that strong economy".

As Labour suggested last week, the party is proposing to increase taxes on higher earners with a salary in excess of £80,000.

In its 128-page manifesto, Labour also said it "welcomes worldwide students who benefit and strengthen our education sector, generating more than £25 billion for the British economy and significantly boosting regional jobs and local businesses".

He added: "The function of leadership is to understand the stresses that people face in their daily lives, the frustration, the thwarted ambition, the anger that they face and try to produce policies that make that different".

Labour will also impose new taxes on "excessive" pay, private school fees, and homes bought by trusts registered in offshore tax havens to raise £48.6bn.

The suspense around Labour's policies was undermined when a draft version of the manifesto was leaked to the media last week.

"While Jeremy Corbyn and Labour retreat into an ideological comfort zone, ducking the hard challenges which lay ahead, I will be straight with people, I won't shy away from the challenges of our time, I will set out how we will tackle them head-on", she said.

Labour will scrap Conservative plans to close community pharmacies and promises to repeal the Health & Social Care Act.

"What we have said is the majority of our funds we want will come from corporate taxation and will come from dealing with the issues of tax evasion and placing profits in convenient tax regimes where very little tax is paid".

The latest opinion polls have Labour around 30% or more with the Conservatives above 40%. "I think it would be extraordinary", McCluskey was quoted as saying.

"I think it's ordinary working people who pay the price". While Labour's Greater Manchester and Liverpool City Region mayors were this week demanding rail improvements between Liverpool and Manchester before Crossrail 2, Turner & Townsend was publishing research which showed the North of England will see the highest rate of construction cost hikes outside London in the next year.