PIA crew returns from UK after plane search

Posted May 18, 2017

The NCA said it could not confirm the airline involved, however Pakistan International Airlines told the Evening Standard that 14 of its crew members were detained after its flight PK-785 from Islamabad to London arrived on Monday afternoon. However, he confirmed that the PIA plane was thoroughly checked and its crew was held for seven to eight hours, but they (UK authorities) did not convey anything to Pakistan officially.

According to the British police, the crew was taken under custody over security concerns but was released later as nothing was found during the search operation.

Tajwar claimed that nothing was found on the plane during investigation, saying they plan to take up the case with the authorities concerned.

The crew members of the PIA flight, who were stopped by United Kingdom authorities after discovery of heroin from the plane, returned to the country after three days. The statements of the crew were recorded and later allowed to exit the airport.

Adviser to the Prime Minister on Aviation Division Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan Abbasi has said there is no official intimation about any recovery of narcotics from the PIA plane in London.

He said in his statement that they will not hide any facts, adding that, "we will get to the bottom of the issue and use it to further clean our house". All PIA flights to London are operating as per schedule, it added.

The Home Office has confirmed to this scribe that the UK Border Force agents took part in the operation and received heroin which was concealed at various parts of the PIA plane which had landed at Heathrow from Islamabad.