Overwatch Anniversary event this coming Tuesday

Posted May 18, 2017

You can also battle it out in Hearthstone with an Overwatch-themed card back fit for a hero!

Blizzard has put together a pretty cool video documenting the progress the game has made in its first year.

The Overwatch Anniversary event begins on May 23rd which is next Tuesday.

Since the game's release nearly a year ago now, Overwatch has done some incredible things, like reaching 30 million players, becoming a popular esports game, and sparking one of the biggest communities in gaming due to its diverse and engaging characters. Free players will be able to play with the full roster of heroes and maps in select modes like Quick Play, Custom Games, and the current Weekly Brawl.

Fans of "Overwatch" can look forward to its first year anniversary next week. Blizzard announced earlier this month that the hero-centric, team-based shooter is a $1 billion franchise, it has more than 30 million players, and it regularly crosses over into the publisher's other games. A Game of the Year edition is also set to be released along with a free weekend for newcomers to try.

It includes special skins for Security Chief Pharah, Overgrown Bastion, Strike Commander Morrison, Blackwatch Reyes and Slipstream Tracer.

Additionally, the new edition includes 10 loot boxes for players to open with random contents.

Overwatch is downloadable from the Blizzard App on PC, the Playstation Store and the Xbox One Live Store. Blizzard now will be committed to adding a timer with the season end times, it's now moving to a shorter off-season cadence.

Some interesting tidbits about future plans for Overwatch have also come out of the event. Data miners have gleaned that there will definitely be at least 5 new items for each hero, with many heroes receiving multiple skins. We'll probably hear more concrete details about the event as the date draws closer.