Google Photos' improved AI will pester you into sharing pictures

Posted May 18, 2017

Believe it or not, but Google Photos has 500 million users worldwide. But, what use are these images or videos if we only keep them backed up on our cloud drives?

A "core component" of Google Photos has been "using our machine learning to help identify the most important people in your life", Sabharwal said. And because Google's algorithm is theoretically smart enough to analyze the content of a photos, it won't share things like the picture of the sandwich you had for lunch or that time you spilled coffee on your shirt. There is a new Sharing tab that will show all the sharing activities and suggestions. We thought putting together a photo book that prominently featured the grandkids would be a proper thank you for our parents, who financed the trip.

You can use Lens to identify buildings and landmarks in your shots, then fetch useful information about them. You can make few changes and place your album order. From there, they can be downloaded to the other person's device or added to Shared Libraries, another new feature in Google Photos.

This is another feature which builds upon the same concept - eliminate the photo begging process. You can grant them access to the full photo library or a subset of photos in the library such as photos captured from a specific date, photos of your kids, etc. You don't share your photos. The pictures will now all be in a single place, "including-and especially-the photos you didn't take". Today's update represents how far the app and service has come in such a short space.

This looks like a great tool that will allow everyone, not just those who are experts at editing images, to improve the pictures they have taken. This will make organizing your photos much easier based on the shared events you've had with people. Show them your childhood photo albums of course! They also plan to bring this to other countries soon. You simply pick a set of pictures from a vacation, a wedding, or just a really good weekend, and Photos will automatically suggest the best photos out of that group and give you the option to buy a softback or hardback scrapbook of those best images. And voila, you're done. The feature will roll out for Android, iOS and web in the coming weeks.

"Photo books are rolling out today in the United States on the web, and on Android and iOS next week, starting at just $9.99 for a 20-page softcover book and $19.99 for a hardcover book". The latter surely has a different depth, feel and connection to them.