White House calls some actions in Venezuela 'deplorable'

Posted May 07, 2017

President Donald Trump raised eyebrows Thursday evening after telling Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that his country's health-care system was better than the that of U.S'. Republicans received criticism for not waiting for the CBO score of the health care bill before voting.

She also took issue with a reporter who cited a new Politico report that the administration would "gut" the Office of National Drug Control Policy. In a March interview with Breitbart, Spicer called Politico White House correspondent Tara Palmeri "an idiot with no real sources".

Sanders said it is the Senate's decision whether to wait for the CBO score but added that the CBO's analysis is not above reproach. "I don't think it was much more than that". "That's not something that's held us back", Sanders said.

Sanders' father, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, offered congratulations to her on Twitter. Hey I'm as unbiased as the media!

"We feel very confident that as all of this plays out, it will land on the right side of where we are, but I think it's unfortunate for her and really has no bearing for us", her answer concluded.