Posted May 07, 2017

More Easter crafts for first cycle children , pretty easy to do with a little help from an adult.


My little ones would be fascinated if surprised with plasticine eggs - Easter in a nest. To make homemade plasticine: flour, water, oil and coloring (saffron substitute coloring, boiling water spinach or beet, blue food coloring for pastry)

Children love to play with soap and water, So this activity for children will love them. Making the chick is very simple, but with this technique they can also make colorful Easter eggs in felted wool, a very easy craftsmanship that even the youngest ones can do.


  • 1 small polyester ball
  • Felt wool yellow
  • Felt scraps in red, orange and yellow colors
  • Soap
  • Scissors
  • black beads

Step by step:

Begin by squeezing the poliespan ball to give it the shape of a egg. Then place the egg on a piece of yellow felt wool.

Wrap the egg in the felt.

Put it under the water tap and wet it well, then soapy your hands And start spinning the ball between your hands.

Rub the soapy ball a few minutes without wetting it any more. Do this until the water dries and the wool starts to get hard. You have to do it for about 10 minutes.

This way you can make a Felt Easter egg.

If you want to continue and make the chick, Yellow felt the wings, in felt orange the legs and in red felt the piquito

In this way you have a woolen chick to decorate for Easter.

With felted wool you can build a nest or make more eggs to decorate.

How to make a basket for Easter eggs.
  • 1 plastic water jar
  • Li>
  • 4 or 5 sheets of yellow felt
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Cardboard strip 30 cm x 2.5 cm Cereal box works well
  • 2 large moving eyes
  • 5 cm x 5 cm orange felt square
  • Green grass to decorate the basket >
  • Extras to fill your basket, such as chocolates, sweets, Easter eggs.

1. Be sure to clean the drum thoroughly. Cut it in half in an appropriate place, remove the top half, cutting just below the bottom of the handle. Keep the top half for another craft.

2. Place the bottom of the drum in a piece of yellow felt. Cut the felt in a square, leaving an excess about 1.25 cm on all sides of the drum surface. Take that square and stick it to the inner bottom of the drum.

3. Cut the felt that will go into the drum to line it. 4.

4. Cover the outside of the drum with felt, covering about 1.25 cm of felt at the top, thus covering the sharp edge.

5. Cover the strip of cardboard with yellow felt. Fold the cardboard strip into a corner and stick to the inside of the drum to create the handle.

6. Cut a triangle of orange felt for the beak. Stick the beak and then the eyes. Place the Easter grass and then stuff it with Easter eggs and treats.
That's all friends !!