Miley Cyrus Teases the Lyrics for Her Romantic New Single

Posted May 06, 2017

She says they had to "refall for each other" after their 2013 breakup.

Miley Cyrus is under fire on Twitter today for comments she made about the new direction she's taking musically in a new interview with Billboard magazine.

The 24-year-old songstress says that had someone asked her not to smoke or drink, she would have never listened to them, reported Billboard. I am not doing drugs, I am not drinking, I am completely clean right now.

"I like talking to people who do not agree with me, but I do not think I can do that in an aggressive way", she said. It's because it was on my time.

Where she wants to be right now is enjoying her life with Liam Hemsworth, who she got back together with a little over a year ago after spending over two years apart.

"I haven't smoked weed in three weeks, which is the longest I've ever. I'm evolving, and I surround myself with smart people that are evolved".

Her sexually liberated image - what she refers to as "the nipple pastie shit" - represented an aspect of Cyrus's "political movement", she claimed.

Cyrus said her perspective on the world also leads her to have negative reactions to men who too stringently obey their gender stereotype.

For years, Miley Cyrus has drawn criticism for her fetishizing of hip-hop music and imagery.

"Dude, I was shocked that people gave a f*** about the twerking, the teddy bear", she confessed. However, the Party in the U.S. hitmaker claims that her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth convinced her not to get political on the show. What she has shared of the lyrics are honest, sweet, and nostalgic. In a way, the new single, "Malibu", is a way for Miley to tell the story of her love with Liam instead of leaving it up to speculation.