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Posted May 02, 2017

The quest for perfection is an inherent factor in all women and is even more pronounced when It is about your partner. On the other hand, men have the option to look good and feel good to attract girls, remember that love goes through the eyes . So, here's a list of 21 easy-to-do points that will help you become a handsome and well-liked man by the opposite sex, whatever your condition


1. No matter what your complexion, remember that there is nothing sexier than a man freshly bathed and smelling of lotion >. If you like to have a beard grown, make sure you are always clean .

2. The well polished shoes provided They will speak well of you.

3. Keep your bedroom clean, organized and with a good smell. Girls love men who care about having their clean space. Of course, if you are a painter or artist, having paint watered by your bedroom is sexy, but having your underwear everywhere does not.

4. Always ask for the honest advice of the opposite sex in fashion , and if necessary, sacrifice a little bit when most point out that something does not fit you. It is not easy, but the reward is great.

5. Occasionally, surprise your partner by dressing differently >, so when I see you say "wow, hello handsome"

6. It is very important that your clothes are always clean the inside), there is nothing more horrible than pants or shirts that smell like dirt or sweat; well, actually if there are uglier things, like a boxer that has not been changed in 4 days or a spotted panties ...

8. Smile naturally. Your smile looks the best.

9. Learn to dance. You do not have to be a professional dance artist, but it's always sexy to know how to dance at least the basics of cumbia or salsa. Give yourself a try!

10. Always remember this: "If you treat me like a princess, surely you were educated by a queen " . Treat the women with the delicacy and finesse you would like your future son-in-law to treat your daughter.

11. It's sexy. Being a funny-heavy-chocoso-racist-fool-clown is not sexy.

12. strong>. Girls love a man who plays sports. You do not have to be a Michael Jordan or a Messi , but at least try to play a sport or a hobby.

/ strong> No matter your style, but always try combined dress .

14. Find a rock band that you like . Many girls like the "bad boy" inside a good man, and while rock is not exclusive to "bad guys", if it gives the appearance that you have that other side of you that she has not discovered. >

15. Spontaneity melts them. Remember, the best gift is "an unexpected thing at the unexpected moment" . Bring a rose to your work during the week, or when you return home and give you plenty of reasons to love you. But do not forget that wearing 30 roses daily is an exaggeration. Being spontaneous and casual is the key.

16. Dare to do things for her that you would never do for anyone else.

If you're shy, dare to sing her a song in front of her, no matter if it's not in public, the details are the secret.

18. She is unique and unrepeatable. Never, never compare her with your ex-girlfriends and much less tell her. It values ​​your individuality.

19. Respect your tastes and your space. If she likes to go out with friends or friends, or dress in a certain way, or take yoga classes or anything, give her the confidence that she can do it without you getting paranoid for that.

20. Women will always yearn for a man GENTLEMAN . Good manners of chivalry are learned at home: open the door of the car, give way, stand when she gets up from the table, say "please" and "thank you", etc.

21. The most important: always, always and always tell her how much you love her and how fortunate you are to have her , because if you think about it, you are lucky. And if possible, always give her a kiss, to remind her that she is your world and nothing would be the same without her.

Let's hope these points will help you in the search of your love, or in the perfection of your current relationship. If you liked it, share this post on facebook or twitter.

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