Selena Gomez addresses '13 Reasons Why' backlash

Posted April 29, 2017

"Suicide is a very sensitive topic and what we worry about in this profession is copycat behaviors", said Lisa Schubring, a therapist with Prevea Health in Brown County.

That stomach-turning scene has triggered criticism that it romanticizes suicide and prompted many schools across the country to send warning letters to parents and guardians.

Cast members Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen), Butler and Justin Prentice (Bryce Walker) have expressed interest in exploring the stories of their characters in another season, and the original book's author, Jay Asher, has given the go-ahead for the show to expand beyond his book (which ends where the finale of 13 Reasons Why ends). So it looks like we'll be seeing how the students at Liberty High School are faring after the events of that cliffhanger finale.

In a briefing issued on Friday the NSRF states that there is worldwide evidence that detailed and graphic portrayals of suicide can have a negative impact on vulnerable young people in terms of an increased risk of copycat suicides. And, of course, being a Netflix series it does lend itself to some compulsive binge-watching.

Some mental health experts say the show could pose health risks for certain young people, including those who have suicidal thoughts.

If your child has already viewed the series, we would encourage you to consider beginning a discussion about the series with your child.

13 Reasons Why has been criticized by a few celebrities since its Netflix release less than a month ago and now Paris Jackson has issued a warning about the controversial series, claiming that the Selena Gomez directed show is "very triggering". "Have conversations with your children".

A number of mental health professionals have come out against the series, including one who told CBS, "Watching a suicide or knowing someone who has died by suicide can lead others to completing a suicide themselves".

Strommen says suicide is preventable and training is available to help identify a person in crisis, while 24 hour suicide hotlines offer hope.

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please help our community reduce the stigma of mental illness and suicide by discussing suicide as a public health concern.

"Other school boards are doing similar things".

Thank you, as always, for your continued partnership and for taking the time to read this email.