Liberal Leader Christy Clark explains difference between Liberal, NDP donations

Posted April 25, 2017

Horgan held a campaign rally at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver Sunday, where he targeted the B.C. government's proposal to allow private surgical clinics where patients can stay up to three days.

British Columbia Liberal Leader Christy Clark says the difference between her party accepting donations from American lumber companies and NDP Leader John Horgan welcoming support from a forestry union with ties to USA industry is that she won't allow the money to influence her commitment to putting B.C. workers first.

"There's a clear choice in this election".

"Christy Clark's government has overseen the loss of 30,000 forestry jobs while filling her pockets with cash donated by the same companies who have been throwing BC workers out in the street", said Horgan.

"Weyerhaeuser's US-based parent company is one of the signatories to the formal petition to the U.S. government looking to impose punishing duties on Canadian softwood lumber, yet that's who Christy Clark chooses to work for". The Liberal leader said she would never defend American interests that "want to kill Canadian jobs".

She says the party is committed to standing up for softwood lumber talks with the USA and making sure taxes are low to keep the province competitive.

The New Democrats have pledged to do away with the fees, but Clark says it's unclear how they intend to make up the revenue.

Party Leader John Horgan has repeatedly said he would change the election rules and ban corporate and union donations but will continue to accept them through this election.

Horgan spoke with media following Sunday's rally and acknowledged Clark's remarks. Their time is nearly up.

The leaders will face off in a televised debate on Wednesday.