Why the USA May Not Have to Bid

Posted April 21, 2017

A joint bid among Canada, Mexico and the United States has emerged to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup it was announced Monday from a press conference at the Freedom Tower in NY.

More details will be forth-coming on the 2026 World Cup bid, as we still don't know what the potential host cities would be, but Gullati said that 60 cites would host in the USA and 10 each in both Mexico and Canada.

When 2026 comes round, there will have been 32 years and seven World Cups since the 1994 one held in the US with Europe (3), Asia (2), Africa (1) and South America (1) having served as host.

The CONCACAF countries confirmed their plan to bring the tournament to North America at a press conference at One World Trade Centre in NY.

Year-long speculation over whether CONCACAF's bid for the 2026 World Cup, which will nearly certainly be awarded to the region, would become a joint bid by the United States, Mexico and Canada has officially been confirmed today.

A joint-bid would allow more resources directed towards hosting the expanded tournament. The U.S. has not hosted any World Cup action since 1994.

Meanwhile, Mexico federation president in a statement said, "If we are selected to host, it will be an honor to welcome everyone with open arms".

Monday's announcement follows last weekend's Concacaf congress on the Caribbean island of Aruba, a gathering attended by Federation Internationale de Football Association president Gianni Infantino and also Alejandro Dominguez, the president of South American confederation Conmebol.

"I really thank Sunil's open mindedness and U.S. Soccer's open mindedness and Mexico's open mindedness", Canadian Soccer Association President Victor Montagliani said. "And that's in the last few days we've gotten further encouragement on that".

The U.S., Mexico and Canada are expected to put forth a very strong bid. The U.S. would get 60 games while Mexico and Canada would have 10 each. But the bid, even now, nine years from the tournament, is considered a favorite since a hosts from South America, Europe, which have hosted recently, and Asia, which will host in 2022.

"We have the full support of the United States government in this project", Sunil Gulati said in his opening remarks.

"We think in this interesting world in which we live and the place we're holding this particular press conference and the Statue of Liberty outside, and a whole bunch of things along those lines, from a social perspective it's a positive", Gulati said.

The 1970 and 1986 tournaments were played in Mexico, while the United States of America welcomed the world in 1994. Canada hosted the Women's World Cup in 2015.

"Teams who qualify for a World Cup need to have access to the country, otherwise there is no World Cup", Infantino said.