Wall St.'s bull artist challenges 'Fearless Girl'

Posted April 20, 2017

State Street Global Advisors commissioned Kristen Vibal to create Fearless Girl to draw attention to the lack of women on corporate boards in the financial sector. Mayor Bill de Blasio extended its permit for nearly one year as a response to widespread requests to make it a permanent fixture. The Charging Bull was dumped by the artist in front of the the New York Stock Exchange without a permit, following the 1987 stock market crash. The city eventually responded to the public clamouring for the artwork to be allowed to remain in the financial district, steps from Wall Street. "It's negative force and a threat".

Some, like the firm responsible for "Fearless Girl", might argue that the bull is a symbol of Wall Street, notoriously a men's club, but Di Modica says that he supports women's rights - as long as they're not getting in his way.

Di Modica whispered, barely able to finish his sentence and touching his chest. His attorney, Norman Siegel, tells A.P. that his client demands the city release the documents detailing the procedures followed that resulted in the "Fearless Girl" staying.

Siegel called for damages for the "violation" of Di Modica's statutory rights, urging the mayor and company chief executives to come together to find an amicable solution. When the girl was first positioned in front of the bull, it was accompanied by a plaque stating "Know the power of women in leadership". The sculptor says that the bull was meant to symbolize "freedom in the world, peace, strength, power and love", and now that message has been distorted by the addition of the girl standing in defiance of the bull.

But Di Modica's lawyers questioned whether the city should have granted the permit and said the firm behind it was using public property for commercial advertising. Other than that, the statue was named the "Fearless Girl" only because it faced the "Charging Bull".

"Were not saying that it should be moved out of the city". The bronze statue, entitled "Fearless Girl", was installed a day.

Di Modica, aged 76, appeared fragile as he spoke at the news conference reiterating that he agrees with gender equality and questioning why people were attacking him. The tiny bronze statue is now bearing responsibility for pain inflicted on the creator of her nemesis, the Bull.