Steve Stephens found dead inside car in Erie, Pa.

Posted April 20, 2017

The man who posted a video of himself on Facebook cold-bloodedly killing an elderly man has shot and killed himself after a "brief pursuit" by Pennsylvania State Police officers.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, the Pennsylvania police confirmed that Steve Stephens had died after committing suicide following a brief chase in Erie County.

"Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Robert Godwin, Sr".

The Godwin family is coming to grips with the cold-blooded slaying, a killing seen by untold numbers of people after his suspected killer posted video of the shooting to Facebook.

"She's the reason why, um, this is about to happen to you", said Stephens off camera. According to his mother, they also had a brief phone conversation the next day, in which Stephens expressed anger about his girlfriend.

"This started with one tragedy and ended with another person taking their own life", said Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams.

Meanwhile, Brenda Haymon, Godwin's daughter, said she learned about Stephens's death while she was planning for the funeral of her father.

"All I can say is that I wish he had gone down in a hail of 100 bullets", Haymon said.

"There are no more victims that we know are tied to him", he said. "As a result of this bad series of events, we are reviewing our reporting flows to be sure people can report videos and other material that violates our standards as easily and quickly as possible".

If a pattern of copycat incidents should follow this latest tragedy, it could justify a case for additional regulation of the platform, said Rick Edmonds, a media business analyst at Poynter.

A strong faith in God is helping the family through this ordeal, Godwin-Baines said.

"We have a lot more to do", Mark Zuckerberg said.

Through their tears, several of Godwin's children said they held no animosity toward Stephens.

"They don't make men like him anymore". "He was definitely one in a million".

We reached out to the city of Cleveland and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Stephens was employed at Beech Brook, a behavioral health agency in northeastern OH that serves children, teenagers and families, according to a spokeswoman for the facility.

"We are shocked and horrified like everyone else", said Nancy Kortemeyer. "To think that one of our employees could do this is very bad".

Stephens, a job counselor who worked with teenagers and young people, was wanted on an aggravated murder charge.