Snapchat denies its CEO labeled India as 'poor'

Posted April 20, 2017

For those who have been living under a rock, Snapchat and its CEO Evan Spiegel are now facing the heat from angry Indians thanks to report which said that back in 2015, the Snapchat CEO dismissed India as a poor market.

Snap Inc, the maker of the application Snapchat has been grabbing headlines as remarks allegedly made by the company's CEO, Evan Spiegel has hurt sentiments of increasingly sensitive Indians.

Hashtags like #BoycottSnapchat and #UninstallSnapchat were trending on social media sites such as Twitter a few days ago after news reports of Spiegel being quoted on his exchange with the former employee surfaced.

Snapchat has seen its App Store ratings take a nosedive to one star after the comments of Spiegel came to light. "Obviously Snapchat is for everyone".

Snapchat is trying to put out a PR firestorm in India.

The critical remarks about the company by Pompliano stem from his lawsuit in which he claimed he was sacked from his position after he questioned Snapchat's internal methods for calculating daily active users.

"This app is only for rich people. I don't want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain".

"Those words were written by a disgruntled former employee". This has led to some in India, where it has around four million users, boycotting the app. Snapchat called the claims "ridiculous".

A group of hackers in India claims it has siphoned the private information of 1.7 Snapchat users and leaked it on the darknet, payback for Spiegel's "arrogance". According to The Economic Times, thousands of Indians are mistakenly deleting the app of e-commerce giant Snapdeal rather than Snapchat.