Seattle mayor denies knowing accuser, who has gone public

Posted April 20, 2017

Former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn announced plans to run again this morning.

Murray, despite the allegations against him, has declared his intent to continue his campaign. In 1984, the state Legislature approved a law that prohibits a county, city or city-county from levying a tax on net income. (Murray denies the allegations.) McGinn and Moon both entered the race this week and we may see even more candidates jump in before the May 19 filing deadline.

However earlier this month a man sued Murray, saying 30 years ago he sexually abused him when he was a teen.

Murray, who led the push to increase Seattle's minimum wage to $15 an hour, was not expected to face serious competition for re-election.

In her brief video, Moon hit the high notes for Seattleites who might be disenchanted with the city's seemingly relentless growth. McGinn pushed a 2011 citywide referendum on the tunnel project. After a two-year delay for repairs on the boring machine, Bertha, tunneling was completed earlier this month. McGinn said the idea unfairly scapegoated homeless people. "We have tens of thousands of new jobs in our city and now we need to think about how these big companies can pay to mitigate their effects on this city and keep it liveable for regular working people and small businesses". Ultimately, Seattle agreed to an independent monitor of the city's police department following a report that found officers routinely used excessive force.

"I will use my expertise as an urban planner, engineer and civic leader to develop strategies that strike Seattle's problems at their root cause, not just address the symptoms", Moon said in a statement Wednesday.

"We believe that the people of Seattle do not want to return to those bad old days of failed and divisive governance".

While his term was celebrated by the urbanist, environmentalist, activist community, it was also remembered by some as a period of tension between the mayor upstairs and the Seattle City Council downstairs.

At the news conference Monday, McGinn said the lawsuit is one reason for his announcement now.