O'Reilly's ratings rise as advertisers flee

Posted April 20, 2017

21st Century Fox, Fox News' parent company, will investigate allegations that Bill O'Reilly, its No.1 host, has been making sexually inappropriate overtures to women in the workplace.

A 21st Century Fox spokesman told CNNMoney that they take complaints seriously and have hired the law firm, Paul Weiss, to assist the company with the investigation.

After Walsh declined, she said, they went to the bar, where O'Reilly allegedly became hostile, insulted her and told her to "forget about any career advice I gave you, you're on your own".

On Monday, Bloom said on Twitter that she had requested an independent investigation over "Paul Weiss' conflict as attorneys for Fox News", but was denied.

The probe comes after Lisa Bloom, a civil rights attorney and advocate, called the network's corporate hotline last week with her client, Wendy Walsh, to make a complaint against O'Reilly.

Bill O'Reilly's ratings at Fox News were up last week as news that he paid $13 million to five women who accused him of sexual harassment and improper conduct made headlines.

The comedian is now renewing his efforts to keep Trump in the loop, this time about sexual harassment, by running an ad during the O'Reilly show, which has suffered a substantial brand exodus (around 50) in response to sexual harassment allegations from former colleagues - which has set Fox back $13m in settlements.

Walsh has not sued O'Reilly or Fox for damages nor sought a settlement. O'Reilly said in a statement then that he had been unfairly targeted because of his prominence and has not made further comment.

Long Fox News' top-rated star, O'Reilly has seen his ratings rise even higher during the past year with the public's heightened interest in politics.

She said she had been hearing from even more women about O'Reilly in the past, and there might be more claims to come.

"I'm more familiar with this case than I am say health care, but I didn't really look into it much, no". Like when she said "no, ' did her eyes say 'yes"? That news has sharply reduced the number of advertisers on "The O'Reilly Factor" as dozens of sponsors have instructed Fox News to move their commercials out of the program.

O'Reilly also welcomed a surprise guest - the man who came to his defence this week - as Trump, (also played by Baldwin) joined the show.

The real-life President Trump defended O'Reilly earlier this week, saying that he didn't think that the host did anything wrong.

In fact, there were so few advertisers on last Thursday night's show that it seemed to abruptly end after 45 minutes, giving way to a 15-minute Shepherd Smith report about the Syrian missile strikes.

Roginsky said that a misogynistic culture at Fox News had not changed since Ailes left the network.