Nintendo Switch: The Fastest Selling Console For Nintendo

Posted April 20, 2017

We knew the Nintendo Switch was off to a good start, based on USA sales numbers from March NPD numbers, but now it appear that the young upstart console has broken Nintendo's expectations with more than 2.4 million units sold worldwide.

Breath of the Wild sold even better.

Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly the best-selling console to date and is a life-saver for the company after the Wii U's flop. The news outlet also attributes the success so far of the console to a game tied with it: Zelda Breath of the Wild. The sales reveal Zelda has over a 100% attach rate to Switch sales but also shows Zelda sold more copies for the Switch than units of the Switch. If you ask, why then it may probably because of early shortage of Nintendo Switch consoles, the possibility is that they bought the game while waiting for the restock of the console. GameStop and Target employees have recommended this method as more Switch accessories have started going out of stock as demand has risen.

And now, analysts have predicted Nintendo will be trying to capitalise on the popularity of its latest console with another Switch device in the future. In the first month, the Switch has nearly outsold the Xbox One and is close to the PS4. Nintendo is back... and now we have the sales figures to prove it.

There's been an electric feeling in the air since Nintendo's launch of the Switch on March 3. The game console manufacturer was proud to say that the console is one of the fastest-selling video game systems of all time. Many experts believe that the goal can easily be achieved, as Nintendo has prepared a long line-up of upcoming games such as Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and various third-party games. Once they start launching, I suspect, more consumers will get interested in the Nintendo Switch.