Minecraft Switch Version Map Size Detailed, Wii U Transfer Coming

Posted April 20, 2017

Minecraft on Nintendo Switch will launch in May exclusively on the Nintendo eShop.

Microsoft was on a livestream when it announced the details of the "Minecraft" game on Nintendo Switch.

Lastly, Microsoft shared that your previous worlds built on the Wii U can be transferred onto your Nintendo Switch, though the feature will not be available on launch.

If you try to download one of these phony Nintendo Switch emulators online, you may actually wind up with "unwanted applications" on your machine, the FTC says. This latest update will bring the console up to version 2.2.0, though it's becoming a mystery as to just what all it fixes. After multiple warnings from journalists and tech security companies went unheeded, the Federal Trade Commission is officially advising gamers to not fall for this con. Scammers know that, and that has led to a rash of ads that claim to give you access to just such an emulator. The FTC says the emulator does not exist and warns people to not give out personal information or sign up for anything requiring a credit card.

Here's the FTC's list of guidelines to avoid the scam, all arguably obvious enough not to bother repeating, but presented here because that last one made me smile. As he beats the bosses, he gets to unlock new transformation that enables him to get to areas that were earlier inaccessible, Euro Gamer reported. That's a red flag for a scam.

So, how to you apply the Nintendo Switch Update 2.2.0? If so, what did you think about it?