Jimmy Kimmel tearfully shares his best memories of late comedian Don Rickles

Posted April 20, 2017

He was ninety years old. He enjoyed his career by performing in every place from a Martin Scorsese film or nightclubs.

Rickles reveled in being the opposite of politically correct.

Speaking about his in-your-face insulting humour, Don said to the New York Daily News in 1996: "If I were to insult people and mean it, that wouldn't be amusing".

"There will never be another Don Rickles", Kimmel ended.

Rose Marie, co-star of "The Dick Van Dyke Show", also said: "One of my dearest friends is gone".

He was born in a section of Queens called Jackson Heights in NY.

After serving two years in the Navy during World War 2, Rickles set out to be an actor but transitioned to stand-up comedy.

That career didn't take off and Rickles enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Rickles was doing just that in the 1950s when Frank Sinatra and his entourage happened upon his performance in Miami Beach. Rickles wit and uncensored jokes will always be remembered.

The star explained how he grew up in Las Vegas and followed Rickles from an early age.

"This is not going to be our usual show tonight-and I'll tell you right up front that I'm going to cry, probably a lot, which is embarrassing", Kimmel said struggling to maintain his composure. "Sharkey" lasted a bit longer, from 1976-1978.

On "Late Night" Seth Meyers had his own Rickles story, which seemed a bit more in line with the public perception of him as king of the one-liners.

Tributes poured in Thursday on news of his death. Stephen Colbert also reflected on how Rickles made him feel like "a made man", even immediately after he lost an Emmy to him. We thought they'd never end.

Many talk show host and celebrities shared similar feeling in social media in honoring Rickles. Just endless mischief and nonsense, and a guy who would make the audience go completely insane. "Such a professional, such a gentleman".

Mel Brooks tweeted: "Don Rickles". Kimmel spent over nine minutes talking about the beloved comic and sharing stories about the time the two spent together. Unfortunately today Rickles ended up passing at the age of 90 in LA.