Instagram for Android adding offline support soon

Posted April 20, 2017

The way this works is when you're offline, you can still view the preloaded content and several of the app's sections (feed, explore, personal profile, previously visited profiles, etc) and you can interact with them.

According to TechCrunch, the functionality may also trickle down to those on iOS. However, you will be able to view all activities that took place on your Instagram field as soon as you reconnect. Liking, commenting, saving, following, and unfollowing, all of these can be done while offline then scheduled to apply when you're back online. Apparently 80 percent of Instagram's 600 million users are outside the US. Instagram has figured out a way to make it possible even without an internet connection.

The idea for this new feature is pretty simple.

Facebook's recently updated Lite version also works in a similar way, and which shows the message "you can still post while offline" when using the social network.

Also, Instagram recently revealed that it's Stories feature had crossed 200 million daily active users, finally surging past the app it was created to challenge and upend: Snapchat. Stories for instance, a feature the company copied from Snapchat; helped the company to add a lot of users within the past few months. While Snapchat seems to have forgotten about the developing world, Instagram knows everyone everywhere wants visual communication. Facebook said that as of November, the free connectivity program reaches more than 40 million people. You can do that by using the comment box below.