Florida state senator apologizes for racial slur

Posted April 20, 2017

Artiles' apology follows a report by the Miami Herald detailing the lawmaker's conversation with Gibson and Democratic Sen.

There is a growing chorus of calls for Florida State Senator Frank Artiles to step down after reports of a racist rant about fellow Republicans went public this week.

The discussion began Monday night after Artiles approached Gibson at the Governors Club to suggest that a series of questions he'd asked of one of her bills earlier in the day were payback for questions she'd asked before of one of Artiles' bills. Perry Thurston, who was part of the conversation Monday night that led to Artiles' apology. "It's just the most disrespect I've ever encountered". The Rules Committee chairwoman agreed it's likely Artiles violated chamber rules and Senate President Joe Negron assigned a lawyer to the case and asked for a recommendation by Tuesday.

In the time since the Muslim/trans/bro-hate incidents occurred, he has been elected to the state senate, which is essentially a promotion.

Frank Artiles is facing mounting pressure to resign after unleashing a racist tirade during a private conversation with his African American colleagues. Audrey Gibson a "b--", a "f-- a--", a "girl" and said Senate President Joe Negron got to his powerful GOP post thanks to "six n--rs" in the Republican caucus.

"If every time a senator made a mistake or someone made a mistake that they were to resign, we would have half the Senate gone for whatever reason", Artiles said.

"To simply say "I'm sorry, ' might work if this were the first affront, but it's not".

"I owe you an apology", a contrite Mr Artiles told Mr Negron on Wednesday, begging forgiveness for his "crass and juvenile comments". It is unclear what he meant, since, as the Herald notes, the only black senators in the state senate are all Democrats, none of whom backed Negron.

"I grew up in a diverse community".

As Braynon alluded to in his comments, Artiles was secretly taped using a racial slur to describe Muslims in 2014. We share each others customs, culture and vernacular.

"In an exchange with a colleague of mine in the Senate, I unfortunately let my temper get the best of me", Artiles said in a statement to reporters.

Several groups have called for Artiles to step down. "He's attacked Muslims with the same fervor he's now demeaning African Americans, and it can not stand", Senate Minority Leader Oscar Baynon II in a written statement.

The legislative black caucus filed a formal complaint on Wednesday and requested that the Senate expel Artiles.