Extradition of Vijay Mallya may take 6-12 months: ED

Posted April 20, 2017

Mallya may seek to challenge extradition on the basis that the request for his extradition is politically motivated, and that any extradition would constitute a breach of certain human rights, she explained.

The Indian authorities will have an opportunity to respond to any such evidence, she said.

"It is going to be a complicated affair as Mallya can argue that he may not receive a fair trial in Indian courts which are notorious for being easily influenced", he said. He pursued the matter with Hammond again earlier this month when the latter came to New Delhi. The bank demands that he pay back more than a billion dollars in loans extended to his now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines.

A Indian court in January ordered a consortium of banks to start the process of recovering loans from the tycoon.

"Extradition is the formal procedure for requesting the surrender of persons from one territory to another". He was later granted bail and released on a bond of £ 6,50,000 (about Rs. 5.3 crore) and is scheduled to appear in Court on May 17. The Indian businessman, under an extradition warrant issued by his country, was arrested on Tuesday after visiting a London police station. Vijay Mallya always explained that this bankruptcy was "an unlucky commercial failure", Caused by an unfavorable economic environment and state support for the rival Air India company, where the Indian media present it as the embodiment of the drift of the country's financial system.

"Although the United Kingdom and India have a long-standing extradition treaty, there has reportedly been only one successful extradition from the U.K.to India previously", Jenny Barker, of London's Peters and Peters law firm, told Quartz. While no one had been extradited to India under the first 23 years of the India-UK Extradition Treaty of 1993, Britain last year extradited Samirbhai Vinubhai Patel, who was wanted by India in relation to the 2002 Gujarat riots, leading to hopes for future successful extradition requests.