Enterprise-ready 'Uber Central' arrives in India

Posted April 20, 2017

However, if businesses need the ability to request hundreds of rides per hour they can work with Uber's enterprise sales team to accommodate those needs, the company said in a statement. Uber Central is a great example of such innovation. For instance, a vehicle dealership might use Central to reduce the overhead of owning a private shuttle that is used only a few times a day to give customers rides.

Uber has launched Uber Central, which is built on the Uber Business platform.

"We no longer need dozens of cell phones to manage multiple rides at once, and with the business-ready version of Uber Central, we expect the process to be even easier", he adds. That program has been running for a few years and has over 65,000 customers.

The app was also originally envisioned as a standalone product, but Uber has chose to integrate it into its Uber for Business platform. The hotel also booked rides for users into the city when requested. There is no limit to the number of Uber Central rides an organization can request. For instance, Uber says businesses could use the platform to track and replace old shuttles. From the Uber Central dashboard, which can be managed remotely or back at company headquarters, Agero staffers booked rides from any location where motorists may have been stranded.

At the end of the ride, the rider gets out and goes about their day.

Uber for Business charges a 10 percent premium applied to all rides taken. The company especially wants to make sure that businesses don't call a ride too far ahead of time and then force drivers to wait for their passengers to show up.

Arjun Nohwar, APAC Head - Uber for Business said, "We are always thinking of new approaches to enhance the Uber experience". That may help shore up issues that have put the company in legal hot water. With Uber Central, the company is now expanding to cater to business-to-business-to-customer. The business is now undergoing an internal investigation into allegations of gender-based discrimination, while Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is seeking leadership help after being caught on video arguing with a driver.