Snapchat embraces AR with New World lenses

Posted April 19, 2017

Keep in mind to use the rear-facing lens and select any of the available world lenses to augment your experience in real-time.

Snapchat launched lenses about 18 months ago, offering filters that turn users into puppies and puking rainbow faces. For now, the 3D lenses include a rainbow, flowers, a cloud and a floating "OMG".

Snapchat's latest feature combines 3D effects with augmented reality. Snapchat will appears to perform a basic bit of 3D mapping - much like Hololens does, just a lot more rudimentary. To be honest, Facebook's initiatives look far more advanced than what Snapchat debuted today.

Snapchat is about to get way more adorable. Snapchat already had stickers you could place in a snap, but they act like true "flat" stickers in that you cannot interact with them after they're placed.

The fresh gimmick, which you can catch a glimpse of in the 30 second video above, will allow you to add augmented elements to just about anything you can see through your phone camera. You can run contests that directly drive traffic to your showroom, post videos throughout each day and show behind-the-scenes photos all on one platform that targets a controlled group of people.

Now let's start the countdown for Facebook's inevitable copying of this feature. And not only do they look like cool, trippy, high-tech additions to your world, but users can also interact with the added content from all angles by walking around them.

Once you find what you want to capture with the rear-facing camera, tap once on the viewfinder and a grid will surface mapping the floor in front of you.