Overwatch's Genji and Hanamura Map Added to Heroes of the Storm

Posted April 19, 2017

Genji is fittingly part of the assassin class in Heroes of the Storm with his highest stat being damage, while also getting a bit of a boost in abilities from his Overwatch self. Overwatch's Genji will be playable on PTR as well as the Hanamura map with its new game play mechanic. At the same time, those familiar with Genji's Dragonblade ultimate in Overwatch will now be able to take advantage of it in Heroes of the Storm too.

The new map is none other than Hanamura. You can check out a preview of the map in the video below, directly from Blizzard's Heroes team. Other heroes being updated include Greymane, Cassia, Nazeebo, and Tassadar. More surprisingly, the Hanamura Overwatch map will make its debut in the game, marking the first map crossover for Heroes of the Storm, and the first map in a long while period.

Right now, Blizzard haven't announced a public release date for Hanamura or Genji, but stick with Cultured Vultures for more news on the update once it becomes available to us! His hero trait lets him jump around the battlefield while he flings shurikens and deflects incoming fire.

Throw 3 Shuriken in a spread pattern dealing each damaging the first enemy it hits. Shuriken cooldown adds up all the charges again at the same time. He can attack with shuriken and a dashing swift strike, and he can deflect enemy projectiles back towards his foes.

Dragonblade: Unleash the Dragonblade for 8 seconds.

Dash forward, dealing damage to all enemies in a line.

"Perform two slashes dealing 135 damage". The slashes will then detonate, causing 270 damage to those caught in the blast. Nor is it fair to the Genji player to have to play latency roulette with his ISP to see whether he can grab a teamkill, or fall just short of that and get wiped out in the process.