Is Your PS4 Broken? Check for Roaches

Posted April 19, 2017

If you didn't have enough to be anxious about, don't worry, you can add one more thing to the list. a roach infestation in your PlayStation 4.

According to various console fix shops, at least half of the PlayStation 4 consoles that fix shops receive come with the pests hidden in there.

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Patrick Che, the co-founder of a console fix shop, XCubicle, revealed that on of the most prevalent issues he finds with PlayStation 4s is that they tend to be roach infested. Most consoles lie horizontally in dark or enclosed areas, like media centres, so they're pretty welcoming to the little critters.

A new report suggests that the Sony console can be a magnet for roaches, which can seriously screw up your gaming. Microsoft's Xbox One S, which can also be had for $299.99, starts at 500GB of storage but several bundles with a 1TB console are available for $349.99.

Don't let your PS4 turn into a roach funeral parlor. Roaches love older machines, too, as stories going back console generations attest. It seems that the Sony console, at least in North America, is often infested with cockroaches, and there are very specific reasons behind this invasion. It's not the best home for a roach, though. Or just, ya know, keeping your home relatively clean. To get it working again, console repairmen usually replace the power supply. They know a PS4 is infested because the roaches leave a distinct trace. The console is also taken part and cleaned and sterilised with an ultrasonic cleaner. "The PS4's internal power supply fries roaches onto its components, which can stop the PS4 from turning on", Kotaku notes, which requires a power supply replacement (and a good scrub). Kotaku recommends storing your consoles out in the open where they have room to breathe, and stored high up, where roaches can't climb.