Boston Marathon retires Bib 261 for women's pioneer Switzer

Posted April 19, 2017

The Boston Athletic Association honored Kathrine Switzer by officially retiring her No. 261 Boston Marathon bib number on Tuesday.

The first woman to complete the Boston Marathon has finished it again wearing the same competitor number as she did five decades ago.

"I just ran the fastest marathon I've run in 46 years", she told TODAY, having finished the 26.2-mile course in 4 hours, 44 minutes and 31 seconds.

The retired Marine ran a marathon in Washington, DC in 2015, as well as last year's Boston Marathon.

Media captionAn official tried to remove Ms Switzer's number when she ran in 1967.

Switzer went on to be the women's victor of the 1974 New York City Marathon and provide TV commentary in Boston for the last 37 years.

Switzer went to work in PR and helped create the Avon International Running Circuit of 400 women's races that showed the IOC there were enough women to fill out an Olympic field.

Switzer captured the occasion with a video near the spot where Semple attempted to yank her off the course and posted it on her Facebook page.

"How many times do you get the chance to do something 50 years later?" "It's much earlier than I remember".

She noted that a woman had already run the course once - without entering.

Kathrine Switzer, who was the first official woman entrant in the Boston Marathon 50 years ago, crosses the finish line in the Boston Marathon, Monday, April 17, 2017, in Boston.

"I knew if I dropped out no one would believe women could run distances and deserved to be in the Boston Marathon".

Switzer, who completed the Boston Marathon in 1967 in four hours and 20 minutes.

In the clip, Granville - of Carbondale, Pennsylvania - is seen hoisting his race partner on his back and carrying her to the end of the race.

"And when he came to, he was so impressed", she said.