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Posted April 16, 2017

Submitted By Carlos - Liliana Velazco - Ramírez Institution Garden Network for Pollinators - Mail Real Habitat Type Garden Location Monterrey, Nuevo León Size Small Date Submitted Monday, October 3, 2016 Habitat Management Practices We do not use insecticides or pesticides. We have a hummingbird spruce. We let several "weeds" grow, plants that we do not normally leave in the ornamental gardens. We have dry wood logs with holes to be used by native bees as nests, in addition to having made two wooden houses with the same purpose. There is a natural rotation of native flower species throughout the year, depending on the seasonal cycle. We review the caterpillars that are using the plants as hosts. Habitat Details Our training as biologists and the love of nature, has not led to appreciate the small details that are manifested in a little traditional garden, we do not want to have a concrete iron, or a garden upholstered grass, we want our children have At hand small natural wonders and a place to explore as we had as small, having only a small area intended for the garden is not impediment for this to be diverse, insects in general, bees, butterflies, beetles, bedbugs, grasshoppers And many others, need our help, just as we need theirs to get our food! Comments We document the biodiversity associated with plants, we have a preliminary list in naturalist CONABIO at least 57 species have been registered! Of these at least 49 are insects including the monarch butterfly! Link i