Kelly Rowland Accosted by Anti-Fur Protesters at Book Signing

Posted April 14, 2017

According to Kelly, her nipples became so big, they looked like Frisbees: "And sometimes I could see these veins bulging out while I was nursing". "They were allowing me to figure it out on my own and I'm so appreciative to them for that". "Whether it's, 'You do this on Fridays, ' or 'We have date nights on this day, ' 'Let's make sure we can do vacation, just me and you'". As Rowland says, living in Los Angeles for years had left her in a bit of a style rut. The "Motivation" singer apparently has them on speed dial and would contact them if she has any questions as she is not too proud to seek guidance from more experienced parents. "I am not ashamed".

Kelly Rowland is serving some serious #realtalk about breastfeeding and her post-baby body. We cover everything!" In addition to the release of her debut book, the singer will be sharing news on her soon to-be-launched beauty brand, F.A.C.E: "For All Created Equal, as well as plans for upcoming new music. "I'm going up the treadmill, and I'm, after three minutes, like, losing my breath", she said. "I mean, a dear friend of mine, Pharrell and his handsome wife Helen, just had triplets". Then out of nowhere, they unraveled signs of dead animals and one man spoke out.

That said, everyone is different, and there's nothing wrong with not having gone through the exact same "whoa" moments as Rowland or other new moms.

"For me it's been the most bold I've ever been", she added. Rowland says "Whoa Baby!" is the book she wished she could have read before Titan was born.

Kelly Rowland was ambushed by animal rights protesters at her book signing in New Jersey on Wednesday (12Apr17) when they blasted the R&B star for wearing fur.

"I think what overwhelmed me was probably how much I didn't know I was just gonna love this little person and just wanted to cater to him", she explained. "I took their advice and waited 10 years".

You can buy the book, here. "It was so awesome, and I was like, why didn't I do that?"

Despite asking for advice from the "Halo" hitmaker, Kelly "can't imagine" what their family will be like when their twins arrive, as she also dubbed Pharrell Williams and his wife Helen - who welcomed triplets earlier this year - as "super people".

"All of my fans have been so supportive but now they're like, 'We've hit a ceiling, '" she said.