Fast and Furious 8

Posted April 14, 2017

Can you imagine a world where Vin Diesel wasn't part of the "Fast and the Furious" family?

Cipher has been touted as the franchise's first female villain, and of course the first time the team goes against a woman, it's another female who lists off her skills ("Anything that can be hacked is hers to play with") while the boys then immediately comment on how hot she is.

The 44-year-old actor and Vin, 49, are said to be bitter rivals off-screen after starring alongside one another in the "Fast and Furious" franchise - and The Rock has admitted they do not share the same approach to life.

Fast And Furious 8: The Fate Of The Furious will follow Dom (played by Vin Diesel) and the gang on the next stage of their journey after the events of Furious 7.

Morgan explained how he boarded the project and shared small details on his original pitch.

"I think [Paul's passing is] a big reason why we went dark on this one and why it's not all fun and games", she said.

With two more movies in the works, it'll be interesting to see if The Rock and Vin Diesel decide to truly bury the hatchet or continue to work separately.

"It is so amusing". A quick street race informs us not much has changed the film's leading man, as Dom navigates the streets of Havana while driving a vehicle that is literally on the verge of exploding while Letty tails close behind. The vehicle chases throughout the film are completely over the top and Morgan makes sure that the bar is definitively raised for the rest of the franchise to come. But it turns out, the latter nearly missed out on the career-making role of Dominic Toretto as studio Universal initially wanted Justified's Timothy Olyphant to play the protagonist instead.

We're told Vin didn't like Monday 7 AM calls so production was forced to make the start time 10 AM to accommodate him.

It certainly seems as though everything worked out for the best.

Fast and Furious 8 is released today at the cinema and it is the first film of the franchise (except Tokyo Drift) without Paul Walker aka Brian O'Connor.

"The Fate of the Furious" opens Friday, April 14.