Romo to be honorary Maverick for final home game

Posted April 09, 2017

Specifically, Chris Simms said, "I had to tell my dad first, before CBS or anybody. [The move] has been out there for two weeks".

While declining to offer details, coach Rick Carlisle said in a text message Saturday that he and owner Mark Cuban "very much look forward to honoring one of Dallas' all-time best athletes and people with a very special sports experience".

Phil Simms is a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback for the New York Giants, and was the lead analyst for CBS alongside Jim Nantz since 2003.

While many speculated his decision would be to go to the Houston Texans, Romo's decision to become a broadcaster told me more about his character than I ever knew. Interestingly, he's found himself in the middle of another controversy as he is replacing long-time analyst Phil Simms, although fans can certainly understand why considering the latter's aphorisms.

"I basically came in while they were getting ready for the first regular season game, trying to learn the playbook while they were doing game prep, all the audibles, all the calls, that stuff", Moore said. Simms is out. Today Chris Simms, Phil's son said that he thought Nantz was 100% in on the firing. But as far as statistically and what he did for the franchise, I think you've got to stack him up there, right among Troy, right among Staubach. It's something that Jim Nantz will never recover from. He is 'Hello friends.' He's kind of the face and voice of the network, and he's a bigger linchpin than Phil Simms for that network, that's for sure.

Simms Jr. continued to say: "I think if there's anything he's probably a little disappointed [about] ..."

CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus welcomed Romo in a statement after the network's announcement but also took time to praise the 61-year-old Simms.

Chris Simms speculated that could mean dropping down to be an analyst on a lower broadcast or potentially moving to the studio team. "I've had a few brief discussions with CBS in regard to the future and we have decided at the moment that we will regroup within the next month or so and figure out what his future role will be".