Dallas emergency sirens hacked, shut down overnight

Posted April 09, 2017

Dallas city officials said Saturday that a hacker is to blame for setting off all the city's 156 emergency outdoor sirens, which wailed for an hour and half overnight.

She says the sirens started at 11:40 p.m. Friday and the system was completely shut off by 1:20 a.m. Saturday.

"For security reasons, we can not discuss the details of how this was done, but we do believe the hack cam from the Dallas area". We have notified the FCC for assistance in identifying the source of this hack. According to Dallas public information director Sana Syed, there was no emergency and the system was experiencing a malfunction. "We can't talk a whole lot about the hack itself, because obviously we don't want this to happen again".

Dallas City Fire and Rescue had to visit each individual siren site to manually turn them off.

But the sirens weren't signaling the end of the world (or end of Dallas), and they were not malfunctioning, as early reports indicated. We won't know the health of our sirens until we reactivate the system. As officials are booting the system back up, emergency alarms may sound off again; officials urge residents not to call 911 reporting the sirens during that time.

Police in the suburb of Garland said their sirens also went off in error.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings described the incident as "an attack on our emergency notification system". "It's a costly proposition, which is why every dollar of taxpayer money must be spent with critical needs such as this in mind".