Close call: Warning after woman almost struck by train

Posted April 09, 2017

A dramatic CCTV video which shows how luckily a woman escaped death in New Zealand is going viral.

Although a few other passengers are also seen crossing the track - close to the Mount Eden station in Auckland - without any trouble even with the warning signals on, the woman got the shock of her life after having a close shave while trying to do the same.

The train driver was forced to slam on the emergency brakes and misses the woman by seconds.

Auckland Transport manager Craig Inger says everyone needs to take care when crossing tracks.

The woman checked her right side, but not her left, where the train was coming from.

'The lights and bells mean don't cross, ' he added. Several other pedestrians also crossed the tracks despite the warning signs.

The new electric trains in Auckland, New Zealand, are much quieter than typical trains.

Footage showing a woman in New Zealand nearly being hit by a train has prompted Auckland Transport to warn pedestrians to be more aware when crossing tracks. "You can't be using your phone or have earphones on because you might miss the warning lights or bells".

A train safety expert told NZ Herald said that more than 100 people have died in New Zealand in he past ten years on railway tracks, tunnels and bridges. The driver of the train who sees the woman crossing puts the brakes after which the train comes to halt.