White House tries to distance Trump from campaign aides

Posted March 21, 2017

"Summing up: Republicans want to get away from the tap thing, the Democrats continue to peddle the Russia-Trump campaign situation".

"[White House press secretary Sean] Spicer said the president "stands by" his claim, then went on to read off a number of media reports, many of which revolved around the investigation of possible Russian interference in the campaign but not necessarily surveillance of Trump Tower."The response from Spicer lasted approximately nine minutes and involved the press secretary repeating the accusation of possible links between the Trump campaign and Russia, which the intelligence committees have not said they have evidence to support".

"It's clear that nothing has changed", Spicer also commented on Comey's first public confirmation that the Trump campaign has been under FBI investigation since July, stressing that there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation during the election.

More than that, Comey joined the long list of senior figures in both parties who have discredited Trump's charge that President Barack Obama had wiretapped his phone at Trump Tower - "No evidence" of that, he said.

Nunes has said that the intelligence committee probe focuses in part on who revealed that Flynn had unreported private contacts with the Russians over the sanctions issue.

Comey was testifying along with National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers, who also disputed allegations that surfaced a year ago that British intelligence services were involved in the wiretapping.

"Yes", Spicer said, before stopping. A lot more questions need to be asked about government surveillance as well, he continued. It could separately inflame Trump's feud with the intelligence community given leaked reports about contacts between his aides and Russian officials, which prompted the resignation of national security adviser Michael Flynn last month. But Comey said Monday that he has been authorized to do so, given the extreme public interest in the Trump-Russia case.

No proof Obama wiretapped Trump.

Asked "Was Donald Trump under investigation during the campaign?"

"Obama's Central Intelligence Agency director said so".

He said the Russian government wanted to "put a cloud over our system" with its actions during the presidential campaign. The director would not say whether the probe has turned up evidence that Trump associates may have schemed with Russians during a campaign marked by email hacking that investigators believe was aimed at helping the Republican defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton. " Independent Journal Review wrote, "Trump has yet to provide any evidence for the claims" and quoted Comey's assertion that "no president could unilaterally order a wiretap of anyone". So to look at some individual that was there for a short period of time, or separately, individuals who didn't really play any role in the campaign, and to suggest that those are the basis for anything, is a bit ridiculous".

"There was circumstantial evidence of collusion; there is direct evidence, I think, of deception", Schiff said on NBC's "Meet the Press".

The press secretary was referring to the hack of the Democratic National Committee's servers, and he wondered why the party rebuffed the FBI's request to look at the hacked servers a few times. "What are they hiding? What were they concerned of?"

The tweet appeared to suggest that the Obama administration was behind leaks about Mr Flynn's contacts with Russia's ambassador to the US. "Where is the questioning about that?"

The rally Monday night was the Trump administration's second high-profile event in Kentucky in 10 days and took the president to the home state of one of the most outspoken critics of the plan, Sen. "Rand Paul. I do", Trump said.