Warriors make National Basketball Association history with road win in Oklahoma City

Posted March 21, 2017

The Warriors led by as many as 27 points while completing a sweep of the four-game season series.

"I think Curry tried to get into it with Semaj, tried to push him, and I stood right between, and that's it", Westbrook said. "So I don't see a problem with people watching", LeBron said. The MVP candidate was held to 15 points on 4-of-16 shooting to go with eight rebounds and seven assists.

Two weeks ago, Steve Kerr chose to rest Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Andre Iguodala in a nationally televised showcase game against the Spurs.

Notorious stat-padder Russell Westbrook steals a rebound away from Steven Adams.

"Give them credit", Donovan said. It was the first loss for the Thunder with Taj Gibson as a starter.

And while the Thunder slugged through a rough shooting night (4-of-21 from 3), the Warriors' previously slumping snipers did not.

But against Golden State, a shootout isn't advisable - and Monday night showed why.

With 5.3 seconds remaining before halftime, a scuffle broke out between Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry and Oklahoma City Thunder's Semaj Christon. Light jockeying for position gave way to full-on shoves, which ignited a massive scrum between the two teams.

Some other notes from the game (a segment ripped shamelessly from Robert's columns)...

"Just one of those nights, Westbrook said". It looked like the Thunder were back in the game.

Instead, open looks abounded for Thompson and Curry. Watch the highlight online if you want a few chuckles. The Warriors shot 48.2 percent from the floor despite All-Star Draymond Green not hitting a shot. I would like to submit a proposal to henceforth call any scoring deficient but highly effective box score a "Draymond".

The Warriors won the tap and Thompson snagged the loose ball. So did Green. Other Warriors and Thunder players joined to play peacemaker.

While the top of the Dubs bench was incredibly productive, the bottom continues to be a grab bag.

The Warriors took over the game in the first quarter.

Neither is the Warriors-Thunder beef, which very easily to live as long as Durant is wearing either jersey. Looking beyond Westbrook, there is a not-insignificant amalgamation of raw athleticism, skill, and basketball talent, but all of it is hamstrung by an iso-heavy "clogged toilet" offense that barely makes two passes per offensive possession.

Some of the responsibility comes back to the league and it's schedule makers - you can't slot a team into a Saturday night showcase game for a broadcast partner and have it be the eighth game in 13 days with a couple cross-country flights involved (as was the case with the Warriors and their decision to rest guys).