Trump Trashes 'Fake Media' For Falsely Reporting On American Health Care Act

Posted March 21, 2017

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, speaks with House Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Washington, during a news conference at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.Ryan and House Republicans have proposed a woefully inadequate health care plan.

Ryan insisted that he felt "very good" about the bill's prospects but acknowledged that House leadership was "making fine-tuning improvements to the bill to reflect people's concerns".

"For six years, Republicans have campaigned over and over and over again saying, 'If only you'd give us the House, we'll repeal Obamacare, '" he said.

Lawmakers plan to have the healthcare legislation on the House floor this Thursday, Ryan said. This is going to be great for people.

"We have a president who is rolling up his sleeves ..."

President Trump said Friday he and GOP lawmakers made made "certain changes" to the bill. But it does not rise and fall, like the ACA's subsidies, so a person pays only a fixed percentage of their income on their health insurance premiums.

In a Facebook post Saturday night, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Pa., said he couldn't vote for the bill, stressing a need "to take our time and to get this right".

Moderate Republicans have also expressed concerns about the bill, and their worries are often not the same as that of conservatives.

But Edwards and other demonstrators said they feel congressional Republicans have let them down by not moving more aggressively on a conservative approach to health care reform and other issues.

Meadows, a North Carolina Republican, told C-Span's "Newsmakers" the changes being considered for the Medicaid program would not go far enough, if they left it up to states to decide whether to put in place a work requirement. They have in the House plan bailouts for insurance companies.

"If there's any indication that some of this is not going to happen, I think there will be negative impact on the markets", Cantor said, reiterating that Congress must work with Trump to get these two major GOP agenda items across the finish line. "I believe that the real negotiation begins when we stop them". But I will say that NIH is something that's particularly popular in Congress.

Ryan spoke on "Fox News Sunday", Price appeared on ABC's "This Week", Collins was on NBC's "Meet the Press" and Cruz spoke on CBS' "Face the Nation".