Samsung's Galaxy Book to take on Microsoft Surface

Posted March 21, 2017

According to a report from DigiTimes, the company's Surface Book 2 will arrive in the next month or so.

DigiTimes also claims that the Surface Book 2 will have much lower pricing than the original device. The current generation Surface Book starts at a price point of $1499 (approximately Rs 98,000), going all the way up to $3,199 (approximately Rs 2,00,000). All this is traditional for Microsoft when it is about to release a new product and wants to get the old stuff out of its warehouse. Microsoft will also stick with high quality materials in the construction of the Surface Book 2-like its predecessor, the Surface Book 2 will be constructed from a magnesium aluminum alloy.

Surface Book 2 may ditch current 2-in-1 design. The MSFT 2-in-1 laptop caused some overlap with the Surface Pro - a tablet with an optional keyboard case that could turn it into a laptop. Firstly, the 2-in-1 design is literally the best thing about the Surface Book and its USP. Only Microsoft knows what it's planning to do with the Surface Book, and with the Surface Pro 4, for that matter.

The last generation device, the Surface Pro 4, was launched back in October 2015, meaning it is ripe for an upgrade, especially if Microsoft is keen to show off the power of its Windows 10 software. "Because of these two factors, the sources estimate that Microsoft only shipped 500,000 Surface Books in 2016". Furthermore, Microsoft has introduced a few design changes on the hybrid laptop in order to differentiate it with the Surface Pro. Primarily a notebook, it's 13.5-inch display can be detached to form a digital "clipboard" for use with the Surface Pen stylus. However, according to Taiwanese industry sources, Microsoft is going to shortly revamp the range, turn it into a simple clamshell design, and sell it cheaper.

One of the more pressing questions in PCs right now is what's coming next in Microsoft's Surface line. There is no word on specs just yet, though we'd be surprised if Microsoft didn't build the Surface Book 2 around Intel's Kaby Lake processors. And yes, it's the question of the day. The latest Surface Book models, featuring its Performance Base, have a slightly slimmer hinge, but the basic design is the same.