Parents catch twin boys partying all night long

Posted March 21, 2017

Video recorded on a home monitoring system by two NY parents Jonathan and Susana Balkin, shows their twin sons having an all-night slumber party, climbing out of their cribs, doing gymnastics, building pillow forts and having a serious chat about their adventures.

Andrew and Ryan, identical 2-year-old twins in NY state, are showing the world just what it looks like in a viral video. Thanks to adorable toddler brothers Andrew & Ryan Balkin, wonder no more!

One boy climbs out of his crib and the other quickly follows. They proceeded to line pillows along the floor and do summersaults, and then took rests on the couch together, before going back to their floor exercises.

The twins are also seen running around their room, kicking their feet up on a couch and doing a little shimmy in their cribs.

Susana and Jonathan Balkin caught their twin boys sneaking out their cribs.


When dad comes in the room, he puts them back in the crib and cleans up. But being caught red-handed never puts a stop to their mischief as they continue to escape and play after their parents leave. "We ended up spying on them for a little while on the camera just to make sure they weren't getting into trouble, they weren't getting hurt. That didn't really work out so well".