LA judge to hear motions in Roman Polanski legal saga

Posted March 21, 2017

One of the more peculiar moments in a Monday hearing in the ongoing Roman Polanski criminal case came at the very beginning, when Polanski's lawyer, Harland Braun, acknowledged to Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon that he had taken off the calendar his previous request that testimony by former deputy district attorney Roger Gunson be unsealed.

"I'm all for the truth getting out".

Roman Polanski has claimed he is merely a victim of judicial misconduct by a judge, now dead, involved in the case. Polanski fled to France in 1978 on the eve of sentencing, and his lawyer is now asking a judge to unseal testimony in the case, and also state whether he believes the Oscar victor has already served his incarceration sentence. "(He) wants answers-but will only show up if he likes the answers", an LA prosecutor told Reuters. "I know that he's sorry and he didn't mean to hurt me".

Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski should return to the United States to be sentenced for child sexual abuse and not receive special treatment as a "wealthy celebrity", prosecutors have said.

Samantha Gailey (maiden name) said she and her mother thought she was going to a magazine photo shoot with Polanski in his rented Mercedes, according to a Los Angeles Times reported. "Does she not recall that he fled because he had been twice lied to by this court?"

Notorious film director Roman Polanski wants to return to the United States nearly 40 years after fleeing the country.

Polanski, now 82, has been forgiven by the young teenager he reportedly plied with champagne and forced himself upon.

In a sudden change of heart, that judge instead ordered Polanski to serve up to 50 years. "Mr. Polanski intends to return to Los Angeles to both conclude this litigation and visit Sharon Tate's grave", Braun said, according to a Bloomberg report.

Polanski's lawyer, Harland Braun, said he was trying to find a solution for a unique case, while a prosecutor said the Oscar victor was trying to get special treatment and dictate how the case proceeds from afar.

Extradition efforts in Switzerland and Poland have failed, but Polanski did serve almost a year in Swiss prison in the late aughts before authorities there made a decision to reject the United States' request and release him. All of which refused requests to extradite him back to America. He said the various approaches aimed to get enough of an assurance for Polanski to return to the United States, hopefully without the need to arrest the director. "This case is 40 years old because the defendant fled", Hanisee said, adding that she is confident the director will get a fair hearing.

In response to the prosecution's latest filing, Braun wrote, "The District Attorney argues that Mr. Polanski forfeited his right to make requests when he fled".

The hearing Monday is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. He received a best director Oscar in 2002 for "The Pianist", but did not attend the Los Angeles ceremony.