Google redesigns its mobile app and website with tappable search shortcuts

Posted March 21, 2017

Since more than half of requests for Google's search engine now come from smartphones, the Mountain View, California, company has adapted its services to smaller screens, touch keyboards and apps instead of websites. However, there are some options that are only available to Android users.

Google has started rolling out a small but useful change to its app on Android and iOS, as well as mobile web.

It doesn't appear as though the main shortcut tabs beneath the search box are customizable, however, you will have to tap to see the additional options beyond weather, entertainment, sports, and eat & drink. If you're familiar with Google Now, you've seen this all before, as such information would pop up dynamically in your feed.

Basically, these shortcuts serve as a portal to everything Google offers, from simple queries to more personalized information, like your emails, calendar events, and any travel bookings you might have recently made.

Based on the knowledge that Google already has accumulated, its shortcuts feature may already list your favorite sports teams or recommend nearby restaurants serving cuisines you prefer. There are "lifestyle" categories as well, so you can explore the latest trending TV shows, movies that are playing in your neighborhood and sports scores. These will help you find things to do or just find an interesting topic to look into further. Earlier, the Google search bar was limited to performing quick searches and complete the need of the moment. Do let us know what you think of the new feature.

Android users can also make use of Google's close integration with their OS and tap "My Stuff". Google doesn't say when the tappable shortcuts will find their way to other countries. Shortcuts on Google will get you there.