Apartment complex fire spreads to homes in Overland Park

Posted March 21, 2017

A massive fire Monday afternoon at an apartment building under construction at a multimillion-dollar development on College Boulevard in Overland Park sparked blazes at numerous homes blocks away. The building is still under construction.

"It's a bit of a war zone down there, quite frankly", Rhodes said.

Neighboring fire departments are helping the Overland Park Fire Department battle the blazes. At this point we're trying to get our arms around this incident.

The neighborhood has been evacuated, and no injuries have been reported yet.

"I left work a little early to come make sure everything was alright and when I pulled up, this is what I saw", Douglas said.

Rhodes said, as of 7 p.m., it was still an active fire scene.

"They're breaking out quickly", Rhodes said.

17 houses were damaged in all as the fire spread to adjacent properties due to the wind. The newspaper reports the fire appeared to be coming from two buildings under construction at the development and within minutes began to spread to nearby houses. Our thoughts and concerns remain with those who are directly impacted by this event. However, he did acknowledge that, when you are connected to your neighbor, what happens in one unit will impact others.