A Boutique Is Suing Ivanka Trump's Label for 'Unfair Competition'

Posted March 21, 2017

But her brand may ultimately suffer in court!

Modern Appealing Clothing are seeking undisclosed damages and a restraining order to prohibit Ivanka merchandise being sold in California. "The effects of that unfair advantage are magnified greatly by marketing activities of defendant Ivanka Trump's officers and employees and the similar activities of Donald J. Trump, his family, his agents and employees and the White House staff and advisers".

Modern Appealing Clothing (MAC) says the First Daughter 's firm has also gained an "unfair advantage" from from her husband Jared "working for the President of the United States" and charged that President Trump, his trusted adviser Kellyanne Conway, and White House spokesman Sean Spicer have all helped boost sales of Ivanka Trump Marks LLC products.

Department store Nordstrom controversially dropped Ms Trump's brand following calls from anti-Donald Trump protesters to boycott the label - but it denied the move was political, saying it was purely down to poor brand performance. It's not clear whether the sales rises stem from deep discounts that many retailers tagged onto Trump merchandise. The popular 40-year-old fashion boutique says the brand is benefiting not only from its association with the Trump administration but also from the actions of advisors and the president himself. "Ivanka Trump's brand by exploiting the power and prestige of the White House for personal gain, including, but not limited to, piggy-backing promotion of defendant Ivanka Trump products on appearances at executive brand and other government events", the filing reads.

Ivanka Trump's company is crushing some of its competition so badly, she's now facing a lawsuit from one of the companies on the losing end.