Vietnamese Nail Salon Under Fire After Trying to Charge Fat People More

Posted March 20, 2017

Nail salon discriminates against overweight people.

"Sorry, but if you are overweight, pedicures will be $45 due to service fees for pedicurists".

A nail salon in Tennessee is now facing severe criticism and backlash after posting a sign on its door saying that heavier customers will be charged more for pedicures.

Since the picture was posted Saturday it's been shared more than 500 times, with many women across the city expressing shock. And while some had suggested boycotting Rose Nails, one commenter had gone as far as suggesting that the salon should be punished by law for discriminating against disabled individuals. He denied that the sign ever existed despite being confronted with the photographic evidence.

Rose Nails salon owner Son Nguyen said overweight customers had cost his business more than US$2000 in repairs. He said that the photo "could be anywhere" except his salon.

Rose nails usually charges up to $30 for pedicures, according to local reports. The sign is now nowhere to be seen in the salon.

He also claimed hefty clients had broken two chairs costing between £1,600 and £2,000.

A picture of the sign was shared on Facebook by Deshania Ferguson, who was appalled at the price hike.

Nguyen did, however, tell the station that he and his wife who run the salon have turned away overweight people because it is "difficult for technicians to give them pedicures".

A Starbucks customer recently claimed she had been labelled "fat" by an employee who wrote on her cup.