Tory calls for 4 May snap election dismissed by party chiefs

Posted March 20, 2017

All in all, a snap general election looks highly unlikely.

There are rumours that the United Kingdom could go to the polls sooner, sparking a flurry at betting shops.

When pressed on if his definition of an "early election" was one that took place before 2020, the spokesman said: "Yes - there isn't going to be an early general election".

May has made it clear to her colleagues that she does not favour an early election, because she thinks it would be self-serving and create added uncertainty at a time when the country needs stability.

Martin Boon, the director of ICM, said to The Guardian this poll lead would translate into a Conservative majority of 140.

He said that the Labour Party is likely to support a General Election.

Preparations have been underway since past year, with Labour psyching itself up "into a position whereby we cannot only challenge the government but we can also offer a valuable alternative for the British people to choose from should that election arise". The Tory premier was not even voted in by the party's membership in the wake of David Cameron's post-EU referendum resignation because her final-round rival, Andrea Leadsom, dropped out of leadership race.

Labour's election co-ordinator Andrew Gwynne said the party was on a "war footing" in case of a May 4 polling day to coincide with local elections.

There is also the small matter of the 2011 Fixed-Term Parliament Act, introduced under the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government.

Previous reports suggested that Mrs May would call one either later this year or following the two-year negotiation period once Article 50 is triggered. "Politics is not a game my arse", wrote a Twitter user named Pete Clarke, referring to the recent announcement by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon that she would seek a new independence referendum.

Senior figures in the Conservative Party are reportedly secretly trying to persuade Prime Minister Theresa May to hold a general election in just six weeks time.

Bookmakers believe the probability of an early election is high, slashing the odds to 5/1 on a run to the polls in May.