Toddler who resembles Ed Sheeran now an Internet hit — Shape of you

Posted March 20, 2017

Currently, it is a 2-year-old girl who is keeping the netizens busy. The Internet has now found his doppleganger in a two-year-old girl and as you can imagine everyone is losing it. Recently Sikh Duo Bhangra On Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You gone viral in social media.

Ed Sheeran is a man of many talents. According to the Sun Online, little Walton, from Exeter in the United Kingdom looks exactly like "mini Ed Sheeran" and her picture is a stunning example of that claim! Well let's just say that Sheeran must be among the rare celebs who stay in news for dopplegangers. "Everyone comments saying how she's a mini Ed, and I call her 'Baby Sheeran.' She loves his music, tries to sing along to the words and has a dance", she told The Sun.

Isla's mum, Zoe, added to DevonLive: "It is completely madness". Do you also think the baby looks like Ed Sheeran? Her aunt, Stacey Walto gave an interview to the website, following which her picture has got people up and about on the Internet! Someone on Twitter pointed out that she "looks more like Ed than Ed does".