Sturgeon ready to delay Scottish second vote

Posted March 20, 2017

They have been so quick to lay the groundwork for the referendum, they have not stopped to consider how they would make their case for a prosperous independent Scotland.

"The SNP have got to face up to the fact that because England is no longer part of the European single market, and we are taking independence from the rest of the United Kingdom, then this British single market is no longer one that Scotland would be part of. It represents both an advance for working people and a defeat for the forces of capital which holds them back".

"It's like going back to the bad old days of Margaret Thatcher and it didn't do the Tories many favors in those days", Sturgeon, who runs the semi-autonomous government in Edinburgh, told the BBC last week after May rebuffed her road map for another independence vote between the fall of 2018 and spring of 2019.

The Government has ruled out a vote before the end of Brexit negotiations, and Theresa May has told Sturgeon "politics is not a game".

Scotland is divided on whether to wait for Brexit negotiations to be final before having another vote on independence or not, a new poll suggests.

ANGUS Robertson has reassured SNP activists there will be a second independence referendum based on Brexit, despite Theresa May refusing to allow it. At no stage do they explain why the necessarily worldwide struggle for socialism makes separation either desirable or necessary, because in reality they have no intention of fighting for a "socialist" Scotland, England, Europe or anywhere else. But the SNP says the political landscape has dramatically changed since then, requiring another vote within the next two years.

Nicola Sturgeon, left, and Angus Robertson wave during the Scottish National Party annual Spring Conference on March 17, 2017.

Delegates greeted her address with standing ovations.

She said: "The SNP is not Scotland, they are acting against the majority wishes of the people of Scotland". Their votes were counted and listened to in the exact same way as the other millions of remain votes around the United Kingdom, whether they were in Belfast, London or Stratford upon Avon.

May said the referendum result was not just a vote to leave the European Union, it was also an instruction to change the way the country works forever.

In her keynote speech, May did not refer directly to Sturgeon, but she did launch an attack on the SNP. "Ultimately, this crucial decision over our future should not be made unilaterally by me, or by the Prime Minister - it should be made by the people of Scotland, and I call on Parliament to give the people that choice".

"If Nicola Sturgeon truly wants to listen to the people of Scotland, she will take the threat of a second independence referendum off the table".

"There are people right across Scotland, many, many thousands of them, that are so thankful for the Prime Minister to say let's take a pause on this".

Control over agriculture, fisheries and environmental regulation - now areas under European Union control - would be handed to Scotland as Britain leaves the European Union, he said.

"The patriotic way means that Scotland is not caught between a die-hard conservatism that denies the Scottish Parliament the powers it needs and a hard-line nationalism that throws away the resources we secure from being part of the [British] Union".

Her visit comes after she rejected calls for a potential second independence referendum for Scotland before a deal is reached.

"Thirteen mentions of independence or being independent, yet not one mention of poverty - the SNP's priorities neatly summed up".