Some of Android O's most important new features may have just leaked

Posted March 20, 2017

Rather than stop at Android 7.1.1, which is already perplexing enough for users, Google has chose to downgrade the Nexus 6 to Android 7.0 because of a bug on 7.1.1 that has broken Android Pay for many users.

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Android 8.0 will have new notifications, the report says, although it's not clear what that means.

Other tipped features which are reportedly coming to Android O include dynamic icons, massive improvements to MediaRecorder API, as well as many enterprise-related features. It will be nice to finally have the app icon badges showing up for the active notifications through the native Android operating system.

While Android 7.1.2 Nougat is rumored to be launched in two weeks on April 3, it's only a maintenance update, meaning that new features will be minimal. It appears that Android O is going to have the ability to sync across all devices, which would really be nice.

The final build of Android O is expected to made available a few months later, possibly in August. Google might push this feature to Android tablets, but with phablets as big as the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+, picture-in-picture might make a useful addition on smartphones too.

Another possible feature is picture-in-picture mode, something in the vein of Android TV.

Picture-in-picture mode is supposedly coming to Android O, as is an AI-based "smart text selection floating toolbar" that should make copy-and-paste jobs easier. This feature would remember what you did last without messing with all of the text handles.

We aren't seeing the notes or files just yet, but you should be able to find the files here and the notes here, once they are live. Picture-in-picture allows you to display a pinned window in the corner of the screen, while allowing a user to continue consuming media content in the original window. If so, are you happy to see this new feature added? If the latest reports are to be believed, we could see a change to the upcoming Google Pixel 2 where the tech giant will go back to its previous trend of increasing the screen size on the flagship.